Techno Viking Tech Tip

Before we get to the main FAQ, Techno Viking has one very important bit of news for you, and you might not like it: getting your new or redesigned website will probably require a lot of work from YOU as well as me. I'm good at graphic design, layout and styling; but I need to have the actual content for the site to be able to do my part. So you'll be supplying me with text, images and documents. Without these things, web projects tend to languish, and none of us wants that.

If you need images, I can help you explore your options. If you have written content that you feel just needs some polish, I offer copy-editing services as well. More info on both of those things in the FAQ below, to which you may now proceed.

Should I be frightened of Techno Viking?

Absolutely not. Techno Viking only uses his grim visage and admonishing finger for good. He wants your web site to be a success in every way possible.

I'm so CONFUSED! There's too much to figure out!

I can help. In fact, synthesizing website creation and deployment into an easy-to-understand process for my clients is something I consider to be very important. This shouldn't be a "black box," and if you understand a little bit about what I'm doing for you, and why I'm doing it the way I am, the project is likely to run more smoothly. I've even developed a simple glossary to help familiarize you some basic terms we'll need to use as we discuss your website.

If you've been putting off your site project because you are intimidated by technical details, then I'm the designer you're looking for. I'll explain the important stuff you need to know in plain English, and if you want more detail, I'm happy to discuss it with you (CAUTION: you might need to tell me to shut up, so be careful what you ask). ;)

So, you'll take care of everything for me?

Pretty much everything. The one thing I virtually insist on is that you (or your company, or your agent) own(s) the domain. Getting a domain name registered is pretty easy, but if you have any hesitation about doing that, I'll help you through it personally. I just don't want to own your domain myself. You need to have control of your own domain registration in case I get hit by a bus or overdose on hair gel fumes at a Justin Bieber concert. Or what not.

Do you really go to Justin Bieber concerts?

No. I mean, I haven't yet, but you never know what could happen. Life is crazy.

OK, but do I have to do hosting, etc, with you?

Not at all. I provide a full range of services for those who need them, but if you want to host somewhere else, or have someone else do your headshot or product photography (not recommended...heh), I'm fine with that. If you've already got everything else under control, and just want site design, I'll develop the site on my own servers, and hand over the files to you when we're done.

Wait, you do photography, too?

Yes! My camera takes great pictures! I do professional headshots as well as all sorts of commercial and product photography. I offer discounted rates on photography that will be used with my site designs.

I'm convinced! How do we get started?

Let's schedule a short consultation. Your place or mine, I can do either. At this meeting we will discuss your intentions for the site, and determine what type of site will serve you best. Then I will work up a formal estimate for the project and send it to you. From there, we'll set expectations for content delivery, completion date, etc. There's no charge for this, and no obligation at all for you to have me do your site. So honestly, what's stopping you? Get in touch!

Is it "website" or "web site?"

Oh, so you've noticed that sometimes I type 'web site' with a space, and sometimes not, and now you want to know which way is correct? I have no freakin' idea; I'm hedging my bets.