Can I really get a complete web site for $300?

Of course not, don't be silly. This is just a bait-and-switch operation, designed to get you in the door so I can hit you with a bunch of add-ons and hidden charges.

I knew it! CHARLATAN!

OK, but seriously, you can get a basic website for that price, if your needs are very simple. For example, if you just need one to three pages with matching graphic styles, a single navigation menu and no image-rollovers, Javascript or complicated layouts, there's a good chance your site could be done for $300.

But it will be dull and klunky-looking, right?

Not at all. With just a banner, a few images, a text-based navigation section and an uncomplicated layout, I can build you a site that looks very professional and serves your business/promotional needs.

Sites that might fall into this category would be: an author promoting a book; a band who just needs contact info, a short bio, some show dates and a couple of photos; a restaurant with a simple menu, a Google Map, and hours of operation. To name just a few.

How do I know how much my site will cost?

I start out with the basic site fee of $300, and add to it as needed to create what will serve you best. Things that increase the time I spend, and thus your cost, would include (but are not limited to): implementing Javascript, adding complex image rollovers, independent styling of more than a few content types, and varying the layouts of different pages. If you need a Content Management System (CMS) and/or plan to edit and add to your site regularly, you'll be looking at higher costs.

The best way to get an idea of cost is to have short consultation with me. You can tell me what you want, and if you're not sure, I can even help you decide what content and features will best address your needs. I'll even come to you for this meeting if that's more convenient. After this, I'll send you a quote for the work. There is no fee for this consultation, and no obligation whatsoever.

OK, fine. But this $300 doesn't include stuff like server setup, uploading the site, changing the Domain Name Servers, cpanel access, setting up two new email forwards and three months of free hosting, does it?

Yes. Yes it does. All of that stuff is included with every site I build.